Stair Runners to Look For In 2020

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With each new year comes a new style.  Area rugs and stair runners are no exception to this rule.  As the team at Rug Depot welcomes 2020, we’re excited to give you an inside look at this year’s favorite carpet tones and eye-catching patterns.


Neutral Colors

Light grays are making a major comeback in 2020.  Along with whites and tans, consumers can expect to see an array of neutral colors adorning the staircases of homes across the country.  Although there are several options to choose from, nylon rugs are also trending in this category.  This type of fiber offers low-maintenance and cost to homeowners.  To read more about the benefits of nylon fiber carpeting, check out our recent blog article on fiber options with NH rugs.

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Sustainable Options

In an ever-increasing environmentally aware society, consumers can expect to see more eco-friendly rug choices becoming available.  Although wool is a timeless and luxurious choice, sisal carpeting is growing in popularity.  This type of rug provides homeowners not only an eco-friendly option but also one that is biodegradable as it’s woven from plant fibers.  However, sisal carpeting has a tough texture leaving many to opt for traditional carpeting like wool.


Patterns are the way to go

Although the timeless oriental pattern holds strong over the decades, florals and abstracts are also making an appearance in 2020.  The tricky part of utilizing a patterned rug on stair runners is the installation process.  Choosing a professionally experienced team for carpet installation is always the best choice.  Precise matching will ensure a seamless and attractive end product.

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Stair Treads

If you’re not convinced on the idea of covering your beautiful wood staircase, stair treads are the option for you!  Covering only the portion of the stair that is stepped upon, stair treads are highly customizable and perfect for the modern home looking for a unique solution.  Furthermore, stair treads are an excellent choice in homes or businesses with curved stairways.


For quality stair runner installation in NH that you can trust, contact the team at Rug Depot.  For over 40 years, we’ve been installing customized stair runners and stair treads in New Hampshire.  Our experience and expertise will not only bring peace of mind, but it will also leave you with the staircase you’ve been dreaming of.  Contact us today for more information (800) 733-4784 

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