We have decided to be the first retailer that offers a unique way of selecting and purchasing a stair runner.

We can show you what a stair runner would look like in a 27 x 18 inch sample, but why not see what it looks like installed on a wooden staircase. The finished look!! So many customers see a sample of something they like and then they ask the question. “Do you have any photos of this product installed?” And this is why Chris and I have put together the most amazing combination of installation photos in our 30 year history.

Since 1991, we have been offering stair runner installations (both standard and custom) to our customers throughout all of New England. No one has installed more stair runners in this industry to date(over 14,000 staircases). Being the original master installer and idea man for oriental stair runners, we have had the opportunity to work on every imaginable type of stair case made. Some easy and others requiring some creativity. We found we can do anything!!

As a family business, you are always speaking with some one that cares and is ready to guide you thru the process of selecting the perfect stair runner. Our promise to you is simple! Remember, you get one on one service that you would find in a local business, but the knowledge and expertise of a world wide box store.

We have been serving New England for many years, but now with the internet options available we are servicing all of the United States. We have even expanded into the international market (Australia, United Kingdom, Norway to name a few.) This is how it works!!

  •  Search our vast photos of installations.
  •  Select your colors and designs best suited for your home.
  •  Call us and give us your measurements and a few photos of your stairs.
  •  Order a sample to view in your home of the quality and actual color.
  •  Ask all the questions you need before ordering.
  •  Chris and I will look over your specs and recommend what is best for your home.
  •  Upon your approval of the quote, we start fabricating the runner.

For the Do it Yourself enthusiast, we will help you with the installation process too if needed.

Go have fun browsing our website. If you have any questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to call 1-800-733-4784. We are interested in your feedback to improve what we are doing for you. Even though we have been doing this for over 24 years, we are always learning and willing to try something new.

Pat, Jeanie and Chris Intintoli