Which Carpet Fiber is Right for Your Home?

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Carpet fibers are the materials within the strands that make up a carpet.  In NH, rugs are available in a vast range of materials.  Thus, understanding these fibers is imperative in selecting the right type of rug for your home’s needs. 

We’ll first begin by explaining that there are two categories of fibers: synthetic and natural.  Approximately 95% of carpeting is made from synthetic fibers due to their stain resistance features and lower cost.  However, natural fibers provide a higher level of durability and integrity while being an eco-friendly choice.  So, when choosing the perfect rug, you’ll first want to consider the area of its placement as well as future use.  Foot traffic, pets, and entertaining are three of the topmost considerations when deciding which fiber is the best investment.

Here is a looking a the top five categories in NH rugs that consumers can expect to see when taking the journey through the flooring industry:



As the strongest of all synthetic fibers, expect to see nylon in your research.  Not only does nylon provide superior resistance foot traffic, mold, and insects, but it is also extremely durable.  When opting for a nylon rug, homeowners can expect a static-free, stain-resistant solution that will maintain its height and provide up to 12 years of use.  These facts make nylon a perfect option for both residential and commercial environments with its mid-range pricing.


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Olefin (polypropylene)

Gaining in popularity, olefin is a cheaper alternative to nylon rugs. Suitable for high traffic areas, olefin provides the majority of characteristics that nylon offers to consumers.  The one significant difference is the inability to maintain the pile height.  Olefin is susceptible to scuffing, matting, and crushing, depending on the original height.



Blended rugs are generally a combination of both nylon and olefin.  Seems like the best of both worlds, right? The downfall to blends are the uneven combination of fibers, which enables unbalanced stain resistance.



Polyester is the best choice for those looking for bright, vibrant pops of color in their home.  Easily dyed, polyester rugs provide a superior level of stain resistance with their low absorbency qualities.  Furthermore, polyester will be one of the softest fibers on the market.  However, expect to compromise fashion for function as polyester also provides one of the lowest levels of durability.  The average polyester rug will last between 3 to 5 years.


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We’re going to flip the switch for a moment and focus on one of the most common natural fibers on the market, wool.  Wool rugs are not only superior in strength, stain resistance, and ability to hide dirt, but they are also the king of luxury.  If a soft, plush texture and feel is what you seek, look no further.  However, like anything, expect to pay more for luxury.


At Rug Depot, we have a team of experienced and knowledgeable individuals to assist you in your journey.  Shopping for rugs in NH can be overwhelming, and we can help.  Visit us today and have confidence that you’re investing in the best rug for your needs.



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