traditional stair runner

Your staircase is an important feature to your home.  Not only does it provide a way to travel between levels, but it also makes a statement.  From the architectural design, railing choice, and flooring material, every element of your staircase makes a difference with overall aesthetic.  If you’re aiming for a classic feel, then traditional stair runners may be the missing element to your staircase design. 


traditional stair runners


In this article, we’re taking a look at the benefits of installing a runner to your staircase.



Safety features

One of the most obvious reasons that people install traditional stair runners are the safety benefits that are provided.  These benefits are especially true for those with wooden or tiled stairs, or stairs that may be narrow in width.  By adding a runner, once slippery surfaces now provide a safer underfoot experience. 


Added underfoot comfort

Beyond safety, comfort is also an important element within any home.  No one likes a cold, hard surface, but by adding runners over uncarpeted surfaces, you can quickly obtain underfoot comfort.  Besides immediate cushion and comfort, the separation from a cold surface will also provide added solace.


Noise reduction

Another significant benefit of runner installation is sound reduction.  This is particularly beneficial to homes with grand staircases and open foyers that often experience the echo effect. 


Quickly adds style

Let’s take a few steps back for a moment and go back to the overall statement that your staircase makes.  One of the best ways to quickly enhance, or change, the aesthetics of your staircase is with runners.  Traditional stair runners are a wonderful point to any home.  From modern patterns to non-geometric and florals, the possibilities are truly endless.  No matter what the overall theme of your home may be, there is sure to be an ideal runner to flow seamlessly with your home.


 stair runner installation New Hampshire


If you’re considering installing traditional stair runners in your home, now is the time! Contact our team at Rug Depot Home today for more information.  Whether pre-cut or custom made, we have the experience and expertise to successfully bring your home to new levels.  Visit us today at 472 Amherst Street in Nashua, NH.


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