Benefits of NH Stair Treads

While most homeowners consider traditional runners for their wooden stairs, carpeted NH stair treads are also an excellent option. As leaders in the New Hampshire rug industry, our team has the expertise and experience that have helped homeowners across the region with customized stair treads solutions.  Below are a few reasons to consider stair treads when looking for stairway solutions.



One of the main reasons that homeowners choose NH stair treads for their home is the fact that they’re easily customized.  Not only can you design stair treads in any shape to meet your landings, but you can combine patterns to create a unique look for your home.


 stair treads NH

Easy cleaning

Unlike traditional carpeted stair runners that cover your stairs in one piece, treads are individual pieces.  Thus eliminating the hassle of hauling a heavy cleaning machine up the stairs to clean the vertical section of the step.  Stair treads cover the base of the step where our feet make contact. 



Enhances safety

Another significant benefit of adding either stair treads or runners is the safety features they provide.  When wet, hardwood floors can become slippery increasing the risk of a slip and fall injury.  Furthermore, sock feet can also create a slippery and dangerous surface since they provide no grip.  However, after installing a carpeted surface, you now have a nonslip surface that feet can comfortably grip.



Protects your hardwood

Because of its durability and longevity, several homeowners choose hardwood for their flooring solutions.  However, hardwood flooring is an investment and needs to be protected.  Although you want to showcase your investment, protecting it is just as crucial.  Stair treads are the perfect option as they allow a majority of the wood to remain uncovered.


Providing an eye-appealing solution that enhances safety for your home, NH stair treads at the Rug Depot are easily customized for any need.  For more information, contact our team today at (603) 891-1771 or visit our showroom at 472 Amherst Street in Nashua, NH
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