stair treads

Looking for a home refresh this spring? Add some stair treads to your steps!

Stair treads are necessary for any home, especially in the spring! With "mud season" fast approaching the New England area, it may be time to protect your steps. Carpet runners are always a gorgeous option, but stair treads are a quick and budget-friendly way to add style and protection to your indoor steps. The Rug Depot offers an exceptional variety of beautiful thread patterns, textures, and materials for any homeowner's style. Keep reading to see why you should refresh your steps with stair treads.  


For obvious reasons, this is first on our list! Regardless of style, stairs are durable and not meant to break, like wood. We've all slipped at least once on a wooden step. If you have small children or you like hosting guests regularly, safety is always a priority. Carpet stair treads are perfect for this reason. Carpet stair treads are secured with non-slip grip pads underneath for ease of mind and safer steps! As a bonus, your pets will appreciate the safety of stair treads because they can grip the carpeting more easily. 


If you're not planning to stay long in your current home, or you are looking for a safe and stylish upgrade on a budget, stair treads are an excellent choice! Stair treads can still be cut and custom-made for your specific style but at a lower cost. 

Not only are stair-treads budget-friendly, but the install is quick, as well! DIY stair treads are also an option. However, a professional should always install your selected treads to ensure your steps' protection and safety. If you need to replace a stair tread, The Rug Depot has a wide selection of styles that are easy to order for hassle-free removal and replacement!



Having pets and children running up and down the stairs may seem like a constant battle, primarily if you work from home. Or some of your apartment tenants are complaining of noisy staircases at night. That's where stair treads come in! Create a quieter living space with stair treads with various textiles, patterns, and colors. 


Of course, this comes second on our list! Comfort and hard surfaces don't usually come together, and for this reason, adding carpeting to your wood floors and stairs is a must. However, if you don't like the look of fully covered stairs but want to protect those feet, adding stair treads is a great option! Not only will you protect those high arches and bunions, but your steps will thank you too. 


Pick Out Your Stair Treads with Rug Depot

Ready to pick out your stair treads? With over 40 Years of experience in the rug business, our family business has your family's safety and style in mind! We have a gorgeous selection of stair treads for every type of residence and staircase.

For more information on the custom options available at the Rug Depot Home, please contact our professionals or visit our online store! Like our Facebook page for more updates!

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