Rug Stop Pad For Stair Runner Installations in 5 Widths

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Pad Length: Pack of 12 - 24" x 12" Pad Treads
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Premium Rug Stop Pad For Proper Installation of Stair Runners

Pre Cut Rug Stop Pads Measure 24 x 12, 28 x 12, 31 x 12, 34 x 12, 38 x 12

Use the 24in for stair runners with 26 and 27in widths

Use the 28in pad for stair runners with 30in and 31in widths

Use the 31in pad for stair runners with 33in and 34 in widths

Use the 34in pad for stair runners with 36in and 37in widths

Use the 38in pad for stair runners with 41in widths

Buy Them in Packs of 12pcs, 13pcs, 14pcs and 15pcs

Thickness 1/4 inch and  Made in the USA.

Synthetic top portion with a thin layer of rubber attached on the bottom for better gripping on the steps.

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