Shag Area Rugs From All Over The World


This collection offers the consumer a tremendous assortment of shag rugs in every possible quality, thickness, design, color and price point to fit every ones budget. 

Nourison--Momeni--RizzyHome--KasRugs--Loloi Rugs--NatcoHome

Made in wool, wool blends, polyester, polypropylene and more fibers.

China--India--Belgium--Turkey--USA to name a few countries of origin.

Rug Depot Home adds a new dimension to all shags. Hard to find sizes are custom cut for you to have exactly what you want.  Why settle for less online.

Ovals--Squares--Rectangles--Octagons--Extended Octagons--Rounds-- Runners

 If you have a special request for a size and shape, contact one of our sales professionals .