Why You Need Transitional Rugs in Your Home

Choosing a rug that fits the style of your home is no easy feat. The design aesthetic of some houses is clearly traditional or modern, but most fall somewhere in the middle. If your home is one of these, choosing a rug that looks right and doesn’t seem out of place can be a real challenge. Luckily, that’s where Rug Depot and our selection of transitional rugs come in. Transitional rugs bridge the gap between traditional and modern styles and are the perfect fit for your home.


What is a transitional rug?

If you don’t spend a lot of time rug shopping, you might not be familiar with the term “transitional rug.” You might think that “transitional” refers to transitioning from room to room, but it is actually referring to design. Transitional rugs “transition” from traditional to modern styles. That is why they are such a good fit for most homes. If a classic oriental rug seems too old-fashioned, but modern geometric shapes are not quite right either, a transitional rug is the perfect compromise between the two styles.


Now that you know what transitional rugs are, here’s how they can work beautifully in your home.


Never Go Out of Fashion

Because the whole point of transitional rugs is to bridge the gap between traditional and modern styles, you never have to worry about them looking dated. You can transcend the boundaries of what is currently on trend and always stay ahead of the curve.


Update Your Home

On the other hand, if your home looks a little too old-fashioned for your taste but you don’t want to go full modern, a transitional rug has you covered there, too. Choose bright colors that bring out features like woodwork in an older home. Transitional rugs rely on color choices and subtle designs rather than bold geometric patterns.


Match Any Style

Your tastes may change over the years, but a good rug is an investment, so it may not be a purchase you can afford to make every few years. Behold yet another benefit of buying a transitional rug: its timeless design will match your ever-evolving style.


Beautiful Transitional Rugs from Rug Depot

Have we convinced you that transitional rugs are the way to go? If so, Rug Depot is the place to buy them. Visit our website to see our full collection. We do custom sizing, too!


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