Country Homes Deserve Country Rugs!

Every home has a vibe. From ultra modern to early century classic, or even somewhere in between, there’s generally a clear aesthetic when entering a home. One of the easiest ways to pronounce your preference is by choosing appropriately matched décor. For instance, a country-themed home with country rugs and rustic décor is one that is clearly defined. In this article, we’re looking at a few ideal designs and colors for your country home.


Earthy color schemes

When someone says “country home,” what’s the first image that pops to mind? For us, it’s a home on a remote hill somewhere lost on the hills of a rolling countryside. Although this may be different for everyone, a country home, no matter what the vision, has one unique characteristic. It’s in the country (or the inside of your home seems that way anyway).

Country visions tend to be filled with nature – green hills, trees, fields filled with colorful flowers, and so on. So, by choosing area rugs and stair runners of earthy tones, you’ll enhance the overall aesthetic. Consider tans, deep hunter greens, and burgundy colors for an elegant enhancement to your home.


Botanical designs

The last thing you’ll want to do in your country home is incorporate a geometric, modern designed pattern. Instead, choose a pattern with flowing lines and botanical features. From clearly defined leaves and florals to branch-like features, the possibilities are endless.

However, if you’re looking for a more modern look, this is possible too! There are several options available incorporating the same patterns with a modern feel. Many of these rugs will have a gray and white color theme with the possibility of spot colors like blues and browns. Depending on your furniture and walls, this kind of rug may be the perfect option!




When it comes to country rugs, The Rug Depot has the largest selection in New Hampshire. Stop by and visit us today, or give us a call for more information (800) 733-4784.

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