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Contemporary stair runners are one of the best affordable ways to bring a needed update into the home. There is a solution for every home, every style, and every requirement with several patterns and colors available. However, when it comes to the quality and installation process, the Rug Depot Home team takes things to the next level.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider our team when shopping for the best stair runners around.


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Forget about the nails and the staples.

Chances are, you’re installing your stair runner over a wooden floor. Regardless of the condition, wood floors are glorious in their own right and deserve to be protected. At Rug Depot Home, we stand behind this statement by offering our customers innovative solutions that eliminate the need for destructive staples or nails.

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Innovative solutions for safety.

Instead of destroying your precious wood flooring, our designers help protect it. With non-slip pads and stay in place tabs, your stair runners will be as secure as a stapled carpet. However, we don’t provide ordinary pads and tabs that you can purchase at the local store. Instead, our experts offer the highest quality solution available. Through research and innovation, we’ve put your safety and protection first at hand.



Sim ple DIY installation available.

At Rug Depot Home, we take pride in having decades of industry knowledge and hands-on experience. While we loving going out to the job site and helping, COVID-19 has created many restrictions. However, we’re here to help ensure your home gets those contemporary stair runners you’ve been dreaming about.

With a few measurements and photographs of your staircase, our experts will create a solution that allows for easy installation. Once shipped, we’ll be in touch to ensure you’re comfortable with what lies ahead. And, if you’re not, it’s okay – we’re still here to provide the guidance you may require!


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At Rug Depot Home, our customer contemporary stair runners are made to order. Requiring no nails or glue, you can have peace of mind that protecting your wood flooring is a top priority. For more information and pricing, please contact our experts by calling (603) 891-1771. Remember, even if you’re not in the local area, we’re happy to ship and provide the same excellent service you’ve come to expect!

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