Why New Englanders Love Wool Area Rugs

The fall has arrived in New England, and winter will be here all too soon. If you have wood floors in your home, you love them because they are beautiful and easy to clean. However, they can be chilly once the temperature starts to drop. We have the perfect solution at Rug Depot: wool area rugs. While there are plenty of other materials for good-quality rugs, there’s nothing quite like wool. You’ll find wool rugs in many New England homes, and for good reason.

Here’s why New Englanders love having wood area rugs in their homes.

They’re warm and soft.

First thing in the morning, when your bare feet touch the floor for the first time, you don’t want to feel the cold surface of a wood floor. You want something warm and soft to meet your feet. Wool rugs help to insulate your floors and keep you warm and are a comfortable surface to walk on. But it’s not just your feet that will feel the warmth of a wool rug. When your feet are warm, you’re more comfortable, and you won’t feel like you need to crank up the heat.

They absorb moisture from the air.

This is a feature of wool rugs that you might not know about, but you definitely experience the benefits if you have wool area rugs in your home. Wool absorbs moisture from the air, which keeps it drier and makes your home feel less damp. Dampness is not a feature of a cozy living space, so wool rugs can help increase the coziness of your home.

They’re stain-resistant and durable.

Wool area rugs, especially large ones, are certainly an investment. But they are a worthwhile investment because they last for so long. No matter how many shoes, kids, or pets tramp their way across your rug, you can still rely on wool to last for decades. Wool fibers also have a natural resistance to stains and dirt, making them easier to keep clean.

Wool Area Rugs from Rug Depot

When you’re looking for the best rugs for your home, you won’t find a better selection than ours at Rug Depot. Whether you want wool area rugs, stair runners, or custom rugs, we have it all. View our online store or talk to one of our experts to find the best rugs for your home!

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