That Green Area Rug You’ve Been Eyeing Is Happening In 2021

 green area rug


Let’s face it; we all have that one thing that catches our eye, but we just can’t bring ourselves to carry it through the door. For instance, that bright green area rug you’ve been eyeing at your favorite rug home store.  You know, the one that defines the color green with bold white geometric patterns. However much it speaks to you, inside you know that your other half would not appreciate the new investment entering your home. That is until now.

Yes, it’s your time to go all out and take the leap. According to the spruce, loud and geometric is happening this year. So, embrace it and be bold.


Bold, loud, and geometric

For many, home is a place of quiet relaxation. For others, your home is a place to express your inner being in ways that you may not be able to during the day. If you fall into the latter, we’re guessing this year’s trending areas rugs are right up your alley.

Like your personality, 2021 is inviting your home to be loud and proud. Whether the introduction of that stylish new green area rug does the trick or wallpapered focal wall, bold geometric prints are the year’s hottest home trend. Making a big statement in any space, a bright, patterned rug can also be the missing link.

For instance, if you have a space that just seems to missing something, your new area rug could do the trick. Be sure to consider the elements of your room before committing to your rug though. What is the overall vibe? Do you have pictures or paintings on the wall? If so, what colors stand out? What about those accent pieces around your room?


But wait, there’s more.

If bold isn’t quite your thing, not to fret. 2021 is also paving the way for more subtle options as well. From light blue area rugs to beautifully designed delicate Momeni rugs, this year is truly bringing something for everyone. And, better yet, if you can decide on one area rug, go for two!

One of our favorite new designs incorporates the layering of rugs. While this sounds unconventional, with the right touch, this trend brings fun and excitement to an otherwise dull room. Start with an oversized rectangular area rug in a solid color, then have fun. The top layer is your statement piece, your bold color, your exciting pattern, your ungeometrical cut shape.


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