Heatherly Cashmere Herringbone Installation in Brooklyn NY-From NH to NY

What you need to know if you want to purchase your stair runner on line from Rug Depot.  Simplified!

Whether you shop in our store or on line, we make the process very simple.

To start--take some photos of your stair case starting at the bottom and walking up to the second floor. Good chance we have done this stair case before.

Ex:These photos will give us everything we need to know to move forward.

Measure the width of the steps from the wall to the spindles.

Ex:  Range 34inches to 41inches

Provide a count of how many steps you have.

Ex:  13 Steps, 14 Risers  No Landing

Take a measurement of the wood tread and riser combined to determine the length.

Ex: Usually start at 17 inches and could be up to 21 inches

If you have any unique shapes like pies (triangle shapes), square landings or curved shapes, you will need templates created by an installer or yourself.

This project in Brooklyn NY needed four curved steps templated by a local installer. Custom cut and shipped to us for finishing.

heatherly cashmere installation in Brooklyn NY

These steps were refinished and beautiful, but not very wide. Our team decided to use a 24 inch width for the runner.

heatherly cashmere installation in brooklyn ny serged in a 24 inch width

This runner is installed with a tight wrap under the nosing. Your other option would be a waterfall installation.

Just follow these simple instructions and the process is extremely simple.

Since 1991, we have installed or assisted in helping the customer install almost every type of stair case built from Seattle Washington to Portland Maine. Location doesn't stop us.





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