DIY Stair Treads or Professional Stair Runner Install?

Having hardwood floors in your home looks beautiful, but you usually don’t want bare wood floors throughout your house. They can be cold on your feet in the wintertime. The areas of your house that see a lot of traffic will also start to show signs of wear over time. Wood floors can also be slippery and present a safety hazard, especially on the stairs. The best way to protect your stairs from both wear and trip hazards is to install stair treads or a stair runner.


But which do you choose? Let’s start with the basics.

Stair Treads

People sometimes opt for stair treads because they are less expensive and they are easy to DIY. However, they do not always look as good as a stair runner and if they are not installed correctly, they just become another trip hazard. But if you do install them properly and secure all the corners and edges, they can be a good choice for a straight staircase. If your stairs have a landing or a bend, stair treads can look odd. Stair treads are also a good choice if your stair risers are painted and you want to show off the accent color.

Stair Runners

For the best overall look and the highest quality product, stair runners are the preferred choice. Installing a stair runner can be tricky, so it’s best to have a professional do it, especially if you have a landing or a turn in your staircase. There are a lot of varying opinions about the best designs, patterns, and colors for stair runners. At Rug Depot Home, we think that you can’t go wrong with traditional styles. Traditional is often synonymous with timeless, and that is especially true when it comes to runners and rugs. The traditional patterns that have passed the test of time never go out of style.


stair treads

Stair Treads and Runners from Rug Depot Home

Whether you’re looking for stair treads, want a stair runner installed, or need an area rug, you’ll find something you love at Rug Depot Home. We stock and install the highest-quality products that will make your home look beautiful for decades.

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