3 Reasons You Need Stair Treads In Your Life.

Wood stairs provide a level of incomparable timeless elegance, but there are downfalls. Prone to scratching and often slippery, wood stairs in busy homes may not be the best option. However, should homeowners truly have to sacrifice their materials because of a few downfalls? Our experts at Rug Depot Home are here to tell you why stair treads are the perfect solution to making your stairs a safer, more resilient element.

Material selection for days.

When you consider wood stairs, you are working with one and only one element. Thus, care and maintenance are focused solely on maintaining the specific type of wood your stairs are crafted from. However, when selecting stair treads for your home, you are provided with many options.

Some of the most common materials include synthetic blends, cotton, wool, and natural fibers. Choosing which material is suitable for your home depends on the foot traffic and the amount of time you can dedicate to its care. Synthetic blends tend to be the most common as they are easy to spot clean and require minimal vacuuming.

However, if your home is low traffic and maintenance is not a concern, considering something like wool may be the better choice. Wood is one of the most durable, stain-resistant materials but requires regular care as it is known for shedding.

For a closer look at some of the materials available and the care they require, be sure to check out our previous article.

Aesthetically pleasing results for any décor style.

No matter the style of our home, there is a pattern to match. From contemporary to classic, country to European, black to green, white to red, the options are truly endless. And, if by chance you decide to mix things up, stair treads are replaceable. Of course, you will want to call in your trusted professionals to handle the task, but it can be done!


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Did we mention the safety benefit?

If you own wooden stairs, you already know how dangerous they can be. Whether the stairs are wet from spills or weather, wooden steps are known for being slippery. Furthermore, depending on the age of your home, they may not be up to code. It’s not uncommon for stairs to be less than the recommended width, making missing a step or placing your foot unevenly down a greater possibility. Both situations resulting in a potential slip and fall accident.



With stair treads, you can have peace of mind that your family and guests will have a safer experience. For more information on the custom options available at the Rug Depot Home, please contact our professionals or visit our online store!

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