Living Treasures Area Rugs LI-16 Grey 100% Wool in 11 Sizes

Select Your Size: 2.6x4.3
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Living Treasures Area Rug Collection

LI-16 Grey        Tabriz Allover Design

2.6x4.3, 3.6x5.6, 5.6x8.3, 7.6x9.6, 8.3x11.3 and 9.6x13.6

Rounds like 5.10x5.10 and 7.10 x 7.10

Runners like 2.6 x 8 and 2.6 x 12

Squares can be custom seamed to give you a unique size for the unique room.

Stair Treads are an Option By Using The Finished Runners to Cut What You Need.

Wear Rating T-7




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